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OnlineOK Customer Information

Information for OnlineOK customers

We are in the process of connecting two of OnlineOK's east side towers to our network so that customers located on these towers can continue service with Martineer if they would like to do so.

The first tower is located about 2 miles west of Central. The second tower is located near SE Trail Road and East Gore Boulevard. Both of these towers have several smaller repeater sites connected to them. Customers on these repeaters should also continue to have service.

We are building a form on our website so that customers can check in to see if they are on one of these two towers. Please check back in a day or two and complete the form for updates.

Customers in other OnlineOK coverage areas can inquire about coverage in their area using this form as well.   We are not charging current OnlineOK customers any fees to get hooked up.

10-17-2015  -  Web forms are now online
Web form for East Lawton customers inquiring about continuing Internet service on existing OnlineOK towers is

Web form for OnlineOK customers in other areas to inquire about service is

We finished the migration of customers on the Central tower this weekend.   If customers in that area are having problems please give us a call.   We are currently preparing to start migrating customers on the East Gore tower.   A small group of customers on the East Gore tower did not receive a letter about the tower conversion.   If you live east of Lawton and want us to check to see if you are on this tower please visit the link below and let us know.  If you received a letter and want to continue service and have not yet completed the online form please do so so we can get you an information packet mailed out.   You can also call.  Please leave your name and address and we will get back with you as soon as we can.

We're sorry but we are not able to accept any more new customers at this time other than those on these two towers. We have a long waiting list now for site surveys and dozens of installs pending.

All customers on both towers have been migrated over to our network.   Any customers having problems should give us a call.  There are several APs on these towers that have older equipment on them that we will be upgrading as soon as possible.  We still have a lot of installs pending for customers on other towers.  We are working to get these people switched as quickly as we can.  As far as we know service for these customers is still up.  Let us know if your service is down.

** Important **

If you are on one of the two converted towers click the following link and let us know if you would like to continue your service with Martineer without any service interruptions. This is for customers who have not notified us and received the information packet in the mail.