High Speed Wireless Internet

•   Your high speed Internet connection is always on and ready to go

•   No more busy signals and waiting for the modem to dial

•   Very reliable connection with local support

•   No more getting kicked off while surfing

•   No annual contract required

•   No phone line required

Service Area

Cotton, Comanche, western Stephens and eastern Tillman counties

Lawton, Cache, Geronimo, Faxon, Chattanooga, Walters, Temple, Corum, Hulen, and Pumpkin Center areas .

The normal coverage area is up to 12 miles, but this varies greatly with the terrain at your location.  Check with us to see if you can get service at your location.  We'll be happy to do a free site survey.  For a map of our coverage area click here.

Harold Anderson
(580) 591-2223